The new Egrtech EGDR-XXC Gate Drivers are designed to drive 1200V/1700V  EconoPACK package IGBTs available from a wide range of manufacturers such as Infineon , Semikron and Fuji electric. Compatible direct replacement of ABB AGDR-61C, AGDR-71C, AGDR-81C, AGDR-66C, AGDR-72C, AGDR-76C, AGDR-62C boards.

Main Features

•Symmetrical gate driver layout for each phase
•Available  EconopackPACK IGBTS brands such as Infineon,  FUJI , Semikron etc.
•No tantalum capacitor used
•Characterised high dv/dt immunity
•Ultra low isolation capacitance typically 5pF
•9.5mm creepage enhancing slot between primary and secondary circuits
•Soft IGBT turn-off
•High operating temperature range
•5kVrms isolation test voltage ‘Hi Pot Test’
•Suitable with pressFIT  technology
•Excellent current sharing in parallel connection
•Internal self-protection such as Under voltage lockout protection, over voltage protection , over current protection, saturation sensing and short circuit protection etc..


•Wind power
•Variable speed motor drives
•Power converters