EGDR-22 IGBT Driver Board

     The new Egrtech EGDR-20 Gate Driver is designed to drive 1700V/1600A IGBTs available from  Infineon.


•Symmetrical gate driver layout for each channel
•Conformal coating applied 
•Available  1700V IGBT Modules 
•Characterised dv/dt immunity 10kV/μs
•Ultra low isolation capacitance typically 11 pF
•Enhancing isolation clearance and creepage  distance  typically 9.6mm
•High operating temperature range
•5kVrms isolation test voltage ‘Hi Pot Test’
•Excellent current sharing in parallel connection
•Fault output signal for each switch during short-circuit condition
•Positive logic with CMOS logic level (5V) for PWM and fault signals.
•Gate drive current of ±30 A peak
•Operates with Pre-Regulated +15V Input
•Gate voltage of -8 V / +15 V


•Wind power
•Variable speed motor drives