EGDR-90 SiC Gate Driver Board

   The new Egrtech’s EGDR-90 SiC Gate Driver Board is designed to drive half-bridge 1200V SiC Power modules.The EGDR-90 is capable of operating in switching frequency up to 100KHz.

Main Features

•Optimized for high-performance half-bridge modules
•Protected against over-current and reverse polarity.
•Optocoupler less design
•Maximum Switching Frequency up to 100KHz
•Direct mount low inductance design
•Electrical or fiberoptic interfaces
•High reliability and robust design
•Conformal coating applied
•No tantalum capacitor used
•Characterised high dv/dt immunity
•Ultra low isolation capacitance
•Creepage enhancing slot between primary and secondary circuits
•High operating temperature range
•5kVrms isolation test voltage
•Resistor network allows for separate gate turn-on and turn-off transitions
•DC Bus Voltages up to 1000 V
•Excellent current sharing in parallel connection