Egrtech offers high quality repair services with suitable test procedures, applications such as power converters, IGBT power stacks, electronic circuit boards, servo drivers, IGBT gate driver boards, solar inverters, wind turbine parts and various other electronic devices. As well, each repaired product supported by certain period of warranty condition. Also, all repairs are testing to ensure that the product operates as expected. 

Transformer Interface ModulePart Number: WP3090
RS485 Interface BoardPart Number: WP3042
Digital Interface BoardPart Number: WP3023
Analog Output InterfacePart Number: WP3035, WP3034
Glass Fiber Optic InterfacePart Number: WP3045
RS232 Interface BoardPart Number: WP3046
Plastic Fiber InterfacePart Number: WP3044
Connection ModulePart Number: WP4060