Other Products

     Egrtech offers high quality repair services with suitable test procedures, applications such as power converters, IGBT power stacks, electronic circuit boards, servo drivers, IGBT gate driver boards, solar inverters, wind turbine parts and various other electronic devices. As well, each repaired product supported by certain period of warranty condition. Also, all repairs are testing to ensure that the product operates as expected. 

Danfoss IGBT StackPart Number: DP300D1700T
YORK CHILLER IGBT modulePart Number: VSD IGBT 371 04164 001, VSD IGBT 371 05169 501, VSD IGBT 371 03787 336, VSD IGBT 371 03788 336, VSD IGBT 031 02061 002, VSD IGBT 071 02769 320
Danfoss IGBT StackPart Number: DP300D1200T
Power Stage Interface BoardPart Number: 119524 - 119522
Power Supply BoardPart Number: 142129
Power Switching BoardPart Number: 173169 - 1395 - 173168
Power Switching BoardPart Number: 173169 - 1395 - 173168
Control Power Input BoardPart Number: 173441 - 192420
Power Interface BoardPart Number: 193209-A08-193209A08
Power Supply Drive Circuit BoardPart Number: A74104-246-54
Circuit-BoardPart Number: PowerFlex700
Gate Drive BoardPart Number: PC00225I
Gate Drive BoardPart Number: PC00526H
Gate Drive BoardPart Number: PC00528D
Circuit BoardPart Number: S20X4245
Analog Output ModulePart Number: 51304754-150
IGBT Gate Driver Circuit Board CardPart Number: 02-810003-00
Lenord and Bauer Pitch ControllerPart Number: GEL8230
Output ModulePart Number: 51304441-175
Output ModulePart Number: 80366183-175
Analog Output ModulePart Number: 51309152-175
Power Adapter BoardPart Number: 51309204-175
Analog Output ModulePart Number: 51309152-175
IGBT Drive Board
Lenord Bauer Position ControllerPart Number: GEL 7500
IGBT Gate Driver PCB UPS Circuit BoardPart Number: 02-791970-05
Convertaam Power SupplyPart Number: MVC3003-4030
Converteam Fan Monitoring BoardPart Number: MVC3011-4001
Circuit Board
Fiber Optic ControllerPart Number: PC00228
Speed Drive BoardPart Number: 451M-9025021
ABB ACBU-A1 Active crowbarPart Number: ABB ACBU-A1