IGBT/SiC Driver Board Design

      The one of main expertise field of the company is to offers Drivers and Control Circuitry for IGBTs/SiC MOSFETs, delivers reliable, robust and low-cost design to address its client´s custom requirements to enable them to optimize their systems across numerous industrial sectors. With this facility we want to deliver the advance gate drive designs to drive and control IGBTs/SiC MOSFETs in a safe way.

     Drivers and control circuitry are the interface between the logic signal inputs and the IGBT/SiC within a power conversion system. They are responsible for a safe operation of the IGBTs/SiC MOSFETs and allows to increase the functionality of gate drive units for IGBT/SiC.

     We are designing gate driver boards for several types of IGBT modules from different suppliers such as Infineon, ABB, Semikron, Fuji, Mitsubishi electric etc. Also, the company supports many different standard IGBT packages  such as EconoPACK, EconoDUAL, PrimePACK, IHM,  LinPak and HiPak  for designing gate driver boards.

The aspect of IGBT/SiC gate driver design;

·         Gate resistor selection

·         Isolated DC to DC Converter design

·         Fiber optic isolation

·         Galvanic insulation

·         Active clamping

·         Under voltage lockout (UVLO)

·         Short circuit detection

·         Dc link voltage measurement

·         Miller clamping

·         Temperature measurement

·         Soft turn on and turn-off method

·         Dv/dt and Di/dt analysis

·         Vce/Vds saturation monitoring,

·         Inductive. capacitive and optical coupling

·         Power dissipation calculation

·         Voltage, current and temperature protection circuits

·         Pulse suppression PWM inputs

·         Gate booster circuits

·         Switching and conduction losses

·         Switching behavior

·         Safe operation area