Research, Design and Remanufacturing

      Egrtech offers comprehensive design, manufacturing and prototype services in several industrial markets such as wind energy, solar energy, motor driver and industrial applications .Our design service  is fast and the prototypes can be provided short period depending on the project complexity , also delivers technical documentations such as BOM files , 3D models, schematic , Gerber files, mechanical drawing etc.

 Egrtech also offers redesign existing or obsolete electronic circuit boards with comprehensive reverse engineering experience across numerous industrial markets. We are focusing to provide our customers with the innovative design facility from their specific requirements.

Expertise fields;

·         Texas Instrument DSPs

·         Remanufacturing

·         IGBT power stacks

·         Electronic interface boards

·         Power converters

·         Creating BOM

·         Creating schematic

·         Creating PCB layout

·         Creating 3D model

·         Power electronic stacks

·         Power electronic simulation (PSIM) with DSP

·         Prototype construction

·         Altium designer


·         Wind turbines

·         Solar inverters

·         Electric vehicles (EV and HEV)

·         Electricity transmission and distribution

·         Industrial motor drives

·         Locomotive traction

·         Variable speed motor drives

·         Railway applications

·         Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

·         Traction drives