About Us

     Egrtech is a global provider of power electronic solutions for renewable energy and industrial applications. The company designs innovative solutions to address its client´s specific requirements to enable them to optimize their systems across numerous industrial sectors. The main goal of the company is to improve performance, increase robustness and extend the lifetime of power electronic products. The company is able to provide the schematic, PCB layout (Altium Designer), software code, and power simulation (PSIM) based on customer requirements.

     Egrtech is also offering an alternative manufacturing facility that refurbishes and remanufactures older powered electronic products, especially for wind turbines, solar energy and motor driver applications. Our specialization is to optimize and redesign obsolete power electronic systems to innovative solutions.

    The company's other facilities offer high-quality repair services that fix older power converters, IGBT stacks, electronic boards, IGBT gate driver boards, solar inverters and relevant power electronic systems with suitable test procedures. As well, each repaired product is supported by a certain period of warranty condition.

     Our facility addresses the challenges faced in multiple markets;

          Wind turbines

         Solar inverters

         Electric vehicles (EV and HEV)

         Electricity transmission and distribution

         Industrial Motor Drives

        Locomotive traction

        Variable speed motor drives

       Railway applications

       Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

      Traction drives

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