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IGBT and SiC Gate Driver Design
We are designing gate driver boards for several types of IGBT modules from different suppliers such as Infineon, ABB, Semikron, Fuji, Mitsubishi electric etc. Also, the company supports many different standard IGBT packages such as EconoPACK, EconoDUAL, PrimePACK, IHM, LinPak and HiPak for designing gate driver boards.
The one of main expertise field of the company is to offers Drivers and Control Circuitry for IGBTs/SiC MOSFETs, delivers reliable, robust and low-cost design to address its client´s custom requirements to enable them to optimize their systems across numerous industrial sectors. With this facility we want to deliver the advance gate drive designs to drive and control IGBTs/SiC MOSFETs in a safe way.
Power Electronic Stacks
Power electronic stacks are assemblies that include the IGBTs/Sic Modules, gate drivers , snubber capacitors, DC-link capacitors and cooling.
Egrtech is your chosen partner to support you during the development phase of your IGBT or Silicon Carbide-based Inverter/Converter .The Egrtech power stacks are high-quality power conversion assembly and is a major building block in any larger power conversion system. Our expertise varieties from mature applications, like motor drives and renewable energy.