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AGDR-XXC IGBT Functional Tester

Egrtech offers to ABB AGDR series IGBT functional tester to diagnose the failure of IGBT stack in the field. Tester is able to diagnose IGBT stack single or without disassembly of ACS800. The tester is portable which is easily carry in the field or warehouse, delivers several benefits to customers such as decreasing downtime and cost of a wind turbine, solar farm and across numerous industrial sectors.

Main Features

  • Completely portable
  • Automatic test capability
  • PASS and FAIL display
  • User friendly
  • Able to test three IGBT stacks at same time
  • Able to test without disassembly of IGBTS from ACS800


  • Wind power
  • Variable speed motor drives
  • Power converters
  • Renewable energy
  • IGBT Driver Boards


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